STEP 3: Cheat Codes

CHEAT CODES & How to listen to The Game as an Audiobook!
The Game App is an INTERACTIVE Audiobook, which means the story will stop and wait for you to make choices. Some choices are better than others! So for those who just want to Listen to the story as an Audiobook – and also Unlock EVERYTHING in your Inner World – the “Cheat Codes” below will give you Best Options.

[NOTE: If you are really, really in a rush, and just want to listen straight through, you can fast-forward through each section (read the TUTORIAL when you start playing the game) make a choice and continue to the end of the game. Then simply go back to your “Outer World” and tap at the top of the page – the game will play straight through as an audiobook!]

Option 1:Romantic Interest or Just Friends – This totally your choice. (Just Friends is a little bit shorter, but less romantic!)
Option 2: Allow your essence to leave your body
Option 3: Close your eyes and take a deep breath
Option 4: Pick a card
Option 5: Choose to stay and learn more from Asha
Option 6: Wait until later to take your aptitude test
Option 7: Watch the news footage
Option 8: Using your psychic ability, listen to Thomas and Trevor
Option 9: Allow Trevor to clamp your wrists
Option 10: Learn more about the Vedruss
Option 11: Choose to sit in the Montauk Chair
Option 12: Using your psychic ability listen to a private discussion
Option 13: Walk out of the cavern with Asha
Option 14: Learn more about navigating The Game
Option 15: Learn about the new science you’re going to discover
Option 16: Take the hovercraft to The Portal
Option 17: Ask The Portal more questions
Option 18: Ask The Portal more questions
Option 19: Spend time remembering your wedding
Option 20: Stay in the Spirit World
Option 21: Insist on staying in the Spirit World
Option 22: Discover your forgotten connection with Matthew
Option 23: Stay in the dark realms
Option 24: Discover as much as possible about Thomas
Option 25: Discover more about your past game lifetime with Thomas
Option 26: You can’t remember the Cheat Code
Option 27: This is YOUR CHOICE! There are 2 separate endings.
(You can fast-forward through the story to listen to the second ending, but I will give you a hint: If you Let Go of the soldier’s hand you will continue with Matthew. If you Hold the Soldier’s hand, something very unexpected occurs! Your Choice!!