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ParMarie-Régine Garnier
A FABULOUS, wonderful, tantelizing, breath-taking, interesting and so easy reading Novel! Heather Noël demonstrates here a rare capacity to weave dimensional realities and bring our awareness onto what we, possibly, do not normally and naturally see… And yet these realities within realities, within realities are our daily experiences if and when we do accept to open our Real-Eye which allows us to realize more of the Truth about WHO we REALLY ARE ! Multidimentional Beings playing Life on many levels at once… These two Youngsters, heros of the Novel, take us by the hand and make us discover OUR OWN World… GET THIS BOOK and read it. It won’t let you put it down so fascinating it is! And you’ll be Happy you made the choice to get it and to make it known to all the ones you Love… THANK YOU Heather for this Wondrous Journey! Christiniam/MR

Start seeing things differently!
By Elaine
A riveting read, a story which invites us to question what we perceive as our reality. Two teenagers drawn together, go on a journey of growth and exploration, adventure and romance. Sensitively written, this book works on several levels – a great read; a quality new teenage and adult fiction book; an important metaphysical work that powerfully explores who we are, why we are here, and a universe of quantum possibilities. Fun, lyrical, pacey, layered, expansive… I could go on! Read this book, go on your own journey and start seeing things differently! Enjoy

Beautifully written, flawlessly rendered…
ByKirk Nugent
A brilliant and necessary book for these changing times. The Game is a must read for those of us who are looking to successfully navigate our way in a world of ‘energy’. I love Heather’s integrity and authenticity, I would give this book ten stars but unfortunately I am only allowed five.

ByTheresa Patterson
Heather Noel is a phenomenal author… She has the ability not just to break down highly complex concepts into easily understood practical use, but she has the gift to draw the reader in to a magical but plausible world. My teens and I enjoyed every second… Taking our time to really let the story and ideas sink in… We were so caught up in the whole thing!! Through the gift of story, our minds and hearts were opened to new possibilities… Adventures, romance, peace and joy… New strategies to enjoy our own lives/The Game

She did it again!
ByDr. Toni LaMottao
Awesome spiritual teacher has done it again.l. Not just for teens..everyone is invited to the GAME and open your minds and hearts for delight, wisdom and new understanding,.

Couldn’t put it down 🙂
Awesome book! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel inspired and enthusiastic about life again. Although written for teens, adults will get just as much out of it. Will make you think about reality, life, and all you experience in an expanded way.

One of my favorite books of all time!
ByListen ToOurMotherEarth
This book was sooooo hard to put down. I was surprised because I haven’t had a book captivate my attention in this way in a very long time. It was so fun to read that I found myself staying up much later than usual.

This wonderful adventure has some great truths woven into the story. Truths I have heard and studied many times before, and yet reading them in this context brought me new awareness of how to integrate the concepts into my own life. I especially loved the part about the inner earth! What a happy place to imagine and dream about! I am so stoked to share this book with my 16 yr old daughter because I think its a fun way for her to gain some really valuable insight on how to live life!

Thank You Heather for putting so much of your love into creating this book! Thank You super duper much for creating an audiobook version because my daughter and I have really enjoyed laying around and listening to the adventure together! You have given us a valuable fun thing to do together when we need to relax after a good days work!

I hope this book can make it into some schools and help teens have hope and fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this imaginative well researched book
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this imaginative well researched book. I can’t count the number of times that I literally set the book down to contemplate ideas and theories brought up by the author. I even googled some to find the history behind the ideas. I thought to myself that this may be the ‘Celestine Prophecy’ of this century. I will reread this book knowing that there is much to be explored under the surface of the exciting story of Amelia and Mathew.

nicely describes the descent and transition to a very beautiful …
ByAlan Halverson
This book by Heather Noel is a product of seemingly endless imagination (just what I like)….and most importantly…something I can relate to in many ways with respect to my own experiences in life. Describing many challenges to the main two players to overcome fear and desperation to survive in the midst of ever-changing chaotic scenes in their environment, the story ends in a very satisfying manner, and nicely describes the descent and transition to a very beautiful world (so near yet so far from most of us in our everyday understanding of reality).

I love the story and the way Heather tells it
ByWally Wells
You know that cramped, confining, constricted, tiny little box that “the world” says you have to live in without complaint? Well, read Heather Noël’s book and get ready to BUST OUT baby! I love the story and the way Heather tells it. Read this book. Have your teenagers read this book….then read it again! Then when your heart is full allow yourself to dream BIG again. And whatever you do, don’t crawl back inside that box! Heather Noël’s “The Game” is one of my all time favorites.

Why isn’t there a 10 star rating available?!
Heather Noel is a superb author who grabs your attention from the first sentence to the last, which comes way to soon no matter how many pages are in her books! The Game: Nothing Is As It Seems is another winner with love, romance, adventure, conflict, and the ability to make you re-think this reality we currently think we are living. When I read this book I was not only reading the words but seeing the story unfold in pictures in my mind. The descriptions were so beautifully done that the movie in my mind was in full color! I felt the angst, love, trials and tribulations on a cellular level. I cried when they cried and laughed when they laughed. Kudos Heather on another great accomplishment in your line of AWESOME books and I am already eagerly awaiting the next book 😀
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A Mind Bender
ByAnne Sermons Gillis
Okay, I know this book is for young adults, but it’s also for the young at heart. It’s for the adventurer. Amelia and Mathew take us on an adventure that include drama, vision, and parallel worlds. Just when I thought i had things figured out, there were more surprises. I like this book because it was filled with mystery and imagination. You are ging to love this book.

Highly Recommended
Heather Noel’s book The Game is a great read for your teens and adult friends alike. Presented as a thriller, its side effect, or actually point, teaches the reader to use feeling and thought to create their optimal life. What a wonderful gift to help your children discover this “secret” while enjoying an action packed adventure about a couple of high-schoolers lost on a field trip. The imagery is stunning and the storytelling riveting. Obviously well researched and crafted. I loved it!

I enjoyed every single moment filled with suspense and adventure
ByEfren L
This is an exciting and heartwarming novel for both adults and teens. I found it very hard to put down, I enjoyed every single moment filled with
suspense and adventure. Hopefully we will see more books like this from this author!!

A wonderful book, as compelling for adults as it is for young adults.
What’s most impressive is that the narrative is anchored by a way to live life (and love life) so that blissful benefits abound. Some books tug at the heartstrings; this one wraps up your heart in its arms and delivers on the promise that everything is going to be okay.
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If You Knew Life Was a Virtual Reality, What NEW Choices Would YOU Make?!
ByM. Hazlewood
Finally, a book that describes so many of my own personal experiences of this “lifetime” interspersed with bits and pieces of others. And I’m sure I’m not the only one! Heather Noel keeps her audience enthralled at the edge of their seat not knowing where the story will lead next. If one did not already have the awareness her tale implies, they will definitely have to take pause and wonder about the infinite possibilities in their own lives. What a difference a deliberate choice makes!

I am seeing that now I can truly enjoy all elements of life
ByAndrew Smith
Just finished reading The Game. This is honestly the most awesomely encouraging book I have read in a long time. It’s theme, The Game, is about Life itself, and in The Game, play it how you will, you simply cannot lose! How exhilarating! After reading this, I am seeing that now I can truly enjoy all elements of life, at last. This book is a very readable fantasy aimed at young adults. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recommend it to anyone who also enjoyed the writings of J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, or Charles Williams.

ByLulu Trevena
Great read for teens and adults. This story takes you on a wonderful journey that allows you to question areas of your life, gaining clarity and insights all the way. I am sharing it widely. Congratulations Heather Noël.

ByBianca Komesuo
Heather Noel has been my favorite writer since 2001, but this time, with THE GAME, she has surprised me at each and every page. For the past 15 years I have told everyone I know to read her books. I even translated Children of Light so Brazilians could have the chance to read it, and EVERYONE LOVES HER WORK! Buy THE GAME and enjoy the ride!!!

A terrific book for young adults and adults as well.
ByStephanie Sinclaire
This is a great story that effortlessly creates a window into a greater reality we are all part of but have forgotten. There is very little of this kind of literature for young adults and this a very important book for this reason. A great treat and a beautiful read.