“Heather Noël represents a welcomed new addition to the great storytellers of the human spirit.”


Navigating Unseen Worlds—A Journey Into the Unknown

Step into ‘THE GAME Audiobook’ and brace yourself for an unparalleled adventure through hidden realms. What starts as a simple day hike swiftly morphs into a harrowing adventure spanning a massive secret underground military base, experiments with alternate dimensions, unseen worlds and even the afterlife. In this immersive experience narrated in a groundbreaking second-person perspective, you’re not just a spectator—you become Amelia, feeling every emotion and making every decision.

Dive into the heart of cosmic mysteries and unearth deep truths that not only question the very fabric of reality but also reveal that Earth—and perhaps your own existence—isn’t what you’ve been led to believe. You’ll navigate dark realms, leap through timelines, and confront unsettling reflections of your soul.

But ‘THE GAME’ Audiobook transcends mere storytelling. It’s a transformative expedition that challenges your understanding of existence and unlocks new perspectives in your own Game of Life. With every step, you’ll not only unearth the potent power of your emotions but also discover clues about a reality molded by love and fear. Your reality is about to shift—Heather Noël is the author and narrator of ‘THE GAME Audiobook,’ and it features the first-of-its-kind full-length soundtrack by Scott Buckley. Are you ready to play?

Experience THE GAME firsthand…

“Heather Noël has written a thrilling fantasy-adventure that opens the heart and mind, and takes the listener on a journey of infinite possibilities.”



Stephanie Sinclaire
A terrific book for young adults and adults as well.

This is a great story that effortlessly creates a window into a greater reality we are all part of but have forgotten. There is very little of this kind of literature for young adults and this is a very important audiobook for this reason. A great treat and a beautifully told story.

Kirk Nugent
Beautifully written, flawlessly rendered

A brilliant and necessary book for these changing times. The Game is a must read for those of us who are looking to successfully navigate our way in a world of ‘energy.’ I love Heather’s integrity and authenticity, I would give this book ten stars but unfortunately I am only allowed five.

Bianca Brazil

Heather Noёl has been my favorite writer since 2001, but this time, with THE GAME, she has surprised me at each and every page. For the past 15 years I have told everyone I know to read her books. I even translated Children of Light so Brazilians could have a chance to read it, and EVERYONE LOVES HER WORK! Buy THE GAME and enjoy the ride!!!

PJ Peterson
Wild and true

This is a fun, thought-provoking story! Deep, esoteric knowledge is smartly woven throughout an exciting adventure story. Written in a style that conjures up rich visual imagery of other-worldly scenery with a wondrous diversity of treacherous foes, magical helpers and heroic victors. It was easy to get pleasantly lost in it and feel immersed in a fantastical, faraway place. A great audiobook for those who love deeply meaningful tales told in a tall way.

Theresa Patterson

Heather Noel is a phenomenal author… She has the ability not just to break down highly complex concepts into easily understood practical use, but she has the gift to draw the reader into a magical but plausible world. My teens and I enjoyed every second… Taking our time to really let the story and ideas sink in… We were so caught up in the whole thing!! Through the gift of story, our minds and hearts were opened to new possibilities… Adventures, romance, peace and joy… New strategies to enjoy our own lives