The Game: Summary



Nothing is as it seems

A Synopsis

Based on the novel by Heather Noël

The chance that Earth is not a virtual reality
is one in billions.

~ Elon Musk


A 17 yr. old girl discovers Earth is a virtual reality on the verge of collapse. Everyone playing the game will die unless she can access the primary blueprint and reactivate the original program.

GENRE: Metaphysical/Visionary Fiction









The game is presented in 3rd person from the perspective of 17 yr. old, Amelia who is lost in the Utah desert with her assigned hiking partner, Matthew.  On the verge of dying from hypothermia, Amelia experiences a series of strange, inexplicable experiences, culminating with the sudden appearance of a 10 year old girl named Asha.

Suddenly they are warm and can see in the dark. Asha explains that she transported them into a parallel timeline and then goes on to explain that Earth is actually a virtual reality known as “The Game.” She explains that everyone is born into The Game, that their physical bodies are their avatars, and that she is there to teach them how to navigate the program more effectively.

But Amelia is terrified that they will never get back to their own timeline and rather than listening, Amelia demands that Asha return them immediately. But the moment they are back, Amelia quickly regrets her decision, frightened that she passed up on something necessary for their survival.

Once back into their own timeline a military Blackhawk suddenly appears and transports them to a massive, secret underground base outfitted with technology so advanced it includes a holographic sun and sky.

They are at once told that the base is in lockdown due to a synchronized terrorist attack which may cause an ancient super volcano to erupt and they may be there indefinitely.

Amelia and Matthew are highly suspicious that everything happening is due to a series of bizarre coincidences, but when they are shown news reels showing utter devastation in every city along the San Andreas fault line – they both let go of their suspicions and begin to cooperate.

Amelia is given an aptitude test which clearly demonstrates her highly gifted ability for remote viewing. But unlike other remote viewers, Amelia is able to physically move in and out of the past whenever she uses the Montauk Chair. She discovers that no one else has her unique abilities. But rather than feeling successful, she is terrified that she and Matthew will never be allowed to leave.

Trusting no one, Amelia and Matthew become increasingly drawn to each other as Amelia is increasingly intrigued by her experiences in the Montauk Chair.

Thomas, the head of the program, continually sends Amelia back in time thousands of years where she encounters a phenomenal group of people known as the Vedruss of Russia.

They grow their own food, are rarely ill, they don’t work, and as they live in harmony with animals, the land and each other, they have the ability to access 100% of their mental capacities and are formidable warriors if attacked.

Amelia, finds herself waking up inside one of her previous avatar bodies a young, female warrior named Sasha. Even though they don’t kill a single soldier, 5,000 elite Roman soldiers surrender to the Vedruss in a matter of hours.

When the Romans return ten years later with 10,000 troops, the Vedruss implement an unheard of strategy that causes the Romans to return immediately to Rome without seeing a single Vedruss warrior and without a battle ever taking place. The Romans never return and their empire does not go beyond the border of Russia.

When Amelia defies Thomas’ wishes he shows her a live, streaming video of Matthew on life-support in a medically induced coma and warns her that she must immediately go on another assignment and return quickly if she wants to save Matthew’s life. Furious, but desperate to save Matthew, she sits in the Montauk Chair and accidentally causes a 15 ft. monster to materialize before her. Just as the beast is about to attack and kill her Thomas quickly sends her into a cavern deep in Earth’s crust all while the monster proceeds to destroy the Chair.

Terrified and alone, Amelia finds herself in complete darkness and with no way back now that the Montauk Chair has been destroyed. Suddenly, Asha appears and leads Amelia by the hand toward a diffused light which literally emanates from everything and everywhere and gradually becomes lighter and lighter the deeper they go. They continue together through a magical world of crystal caverns, tunnels and lakes inside Earth’s crust. They find delicious, but highly unusual food as well, and the atmosphere is conducive to quickly healing any disease. The normal laws of physics do not apply in this place so together they leap off of a cliff into a bottomless chasm filled with light as Asha explains that they are in between dimensions; a place known as zero point. Using their minds to guide their bodies, they continue on into the next dimension.

They soon find themselves on a grassy knoll. In a place that’s breathtakingly beautiful; a place filled with crystal clear water and sky, thick, deep forests, lush green fields, plentiful fruit trees and abundant vegetation. Amelia is struck by the awareness that unlike her lifetime with the Vedruss thousands of years earlier, this place exists in the present. She’s devastated when Asha explains she must go and leave Amelia to find her own way, but Amelia soon meets a kind man named Richard, who helps her along the next phase of her journey as she works toward getting back to Utah and Matthew.

With the use of a holographic map, Richard explains to Amelia that she’s in a place called the Inner Earth – it is the original, physical blueprint for Earth, which has been perfectly preserved, and is therefore identical in regard to the position of the continents and oceans. Amelia then realizes she is no longer on the surface of the Earth.

Richard offers to take her to The Portal; a place where she can teleport to any location in the Universe, including Utah and the underground base. During their brief journey to the Portal Amelia is astonished by everything she sees and by the fact that not only was Earth originally created this way but also that it could quickly and easily be restored. Richard answers all of her questions in regard to what it’s like living in the Inner Earth. He reports to Amelia that The Portal is a 456 square mile, underground library filled with information contained in crystals, including every game that has ever been played over eons of time.

Amelia is delighted to discover that she has the ability to telepathically ask questions and receive answers and she’s completely shocked when shown that Earth is a flat playing field – a plane, not a planet, with the North Pole at the center.

Amelia then asks to be shown anything that might possibly help her when she returns back to the base and instantly finds herself observing Thomas in conversation with several men. She watches in horror as he lays out his plan for ‘saving the planet’ by killing off large portions of the human race using Tesla technology to activate fault lines and volcanoes. Soon she comes to understand that Thomas sent her into the cavern because he is drilling a tunnel to that exact place in an attempt to access the Inner Earth himself. Amelia then notices that Thomas’ coffee cup has an emblem identical to the flat Earth, but it is the emblem of the United Nations, and she finds it hard to believe that this is a coincidence.

Before transporting Amelia back to the base, The Portal warns her that she will not be able to return to the Inner Earth. Amelia suspects as much, and though she’s sad to leave, she wants to save Matthew even though she has no plan and knows there is very little she will be able to do to help him.

When she is transported back to the Utah base, Amelia materializes in the command center and is stunned to see a huge, live satellite image of Earth – but it’s a flat image with the North Pole at the center. Suddenly she realizes that this information is known by an elite few and kept completely secret from humanity at large.


Amelia is quickly captured and thrown into prison where an inmate named Phil tells her about the true purpose of the base and the horrific experiments that take place there. He knows she doesn’t belong there so he gives her ayahuasca, explaining that the overdose will land her in the hospital where it will be easier for her to escape. In a drug induced state, Amelia finds herself in a game lifetime where she was a Vedruss man named Alex who discovers he is able to create physical objects using focused thought, feeling and sound. He calls it the Science of Imagery and teaches it to all of the Vedruss. Alex also tries to share his techniques with the high priests of six warring tribes so that everyone can have all that they need and to stop killing each other.

Together, using the Science of Imagery, the six priests and Alex build the pyramids of Egypt. But rather than sharing the information with the people of their tribes, the priests selfishly keep it to themselves. Ultimately they imprison Alex in a pyramid tomb because he is able to create more powerfully and permanently, as well as creating things and events that suddenly materialize in the future. They try to coerce Alex into revealing his secrets, but he explains that his advanced abilities are due to creating with love and for the good of all mankind and not for selfish purposes. But the priests don’t believe him and proceed to seal him up in the tomb causing Alex to die. Though Amelia experiences herself as Alex, she cannot access his secret. Even so, she feels that he died intentionally to protect something he was creating beyond ‘the window of time.’

Amelia awakens in a hospital bed and her nurse, a friend of Phil’s, helps her escape into the air conditioning ventilation tunnels beneath the floor. Though she is told to find fresh air and follow that tunnel, Amelia hears loud, beating drums and inexplicably feels that Matthew will be found in that direction. She discovers a secret passageway and sees a satanic ritual taking place in the cavern beyond with hundreds of men dancing wildly in black capes and masks. Horrified, she watches as a teenage girl is about to be sacrificed. Amelia jumps out from behind a curtain screaming for the high priest to stop. Matthew, who was in the midst of the crowd, immediately runs down an aisle toward Amelia, throwing off the hood of his black cape as he yells out to her, but both of them are ultimately restrained. Chanting, the high priest creates a doll out of clay, names it Amelia and stabs it viciously. Amelia instantly dies, floats up above her body and is met by her best friend, Delilah, who had previously died in a car crash when they were twelve.

Amelia begins to experience the unimaginable beauty of the Spirit World and is amazed to realize that, in truth, everything and everyone is eternal, and because they are all part of Infinite Intelligence they already know everything. There are no surprises, no ‘ah ha’ moments, they cannot experience forgiveness or compassion because all is Love. The reason why The Game was created, in part, was for them to have a multitude of experiences. Amelia is happy to be in the Spirit World with her dear friend, but Delilah tells her she must to go back into The Game.

Suddenly, Amelia discovers the truth. Thomas intentionally had her killed without harming her body so that he can bring her back to life and read her mind in order to access information about the Dark Realms of the Spirit World – the place he fears the most and the reason he has kept himself alive for thousands of years.

Amelia flatly refuses to help Thomas until Delilah says, “Thomas knows you won’t help him, but you would do anything to help Matthew… and he will suffer if you do not go.” Amelia instantly sees two past game lifetimes with Matthew and suddenly understands why they are so deeply connected to each other. She agrees to go into the Dark Realms, knowing that she may be trapped there indefinitely. However, she is given a pink stone of protection and is able to move safely and unseen through the realm.

Her journey begins in a grey and lifeless place, but the deeper she goes the darker everything is, reflecting the consciousness of the horrifying, inhuman beings living there. But they are trapped only by their own beliefs, and because they have free will, they can choose to be right rather than happy until the time their misery and rage no longer appeal to them.

Amelia slips and falls, which causes her protective stone to fall from her hand and skitter into a putrid cesspool, she becomes visible to a monstrous man who grabs hold of her ankle, pulls her into the cesspool and drowns her. But Amelia discovers that there is no death in the Spirit Realms – she can only wait to recover her energy and then the grotesque man can drown her over and over again. In her mind she begs for help and suddenly sees Thomas from a very different perspective, thousands of years earlier, as he plans out the game he wants to play where he intends to ‘end all of human suffering.’ His guide, Naia, tries to point out the flaws in his plan, but he is determined to go forward with it regardless.

Amelia discovers that she agreed to help him in that lifetime and played the part of his daughter. But her own manipulative actions and deceit had disastrous results, causing immense suffering, not only for herself but for Thomas, and the love of her life, Matthew, a lower class man who was beaten to death because he loved and trusted her. Suddenly, Amelia feels the one thing Thomas has never been able to feel – empathy.

Instantly, she finds herself back inside her body, lying flat on an altar as the High Priest looms over her with his dagger raised high overhead and with absolutely no memory of what happened in the Spirit World. Her entrance from one dimension to the next causes an earthquake which traps most of the men inside the cave and kills the others, including the High Priest. Matthew runs to Amelia and helps them both get back to the secret passageway behind the curtain.

They escape unseen and are able to find a tunnel with fresh air, but as they discuss what has transpired for each of them separately, they realize that Thomas has been able to see every move they’ve made via remote viewing and they begin to wonder if everything that has happened has been through intentional design. Even so, they don’t know what else to do. Shortly thereafter they hear heavy footsteps clanging on the metal surface of the air duct. They are hotly pursued through the tunnel, but as they pass through the entrance into an immense biosphere – 150 miles in diameter – the soldiers in pursuit of them stop dead in their tracks as if they are under specific orders to do so, and the entrance subsequently closes tightly and securely.

Amelia and Matthew find themselves in an extraordinary place that reminds Amelia of her lifetimes as a Vedruss. They are both astonished to meet, Nikola Tesla, who didn’t actually die in the 1940’s – instead he created a way to ‘shatter’ unhealthy cells, allowing only healthy cells to reproduce. Within one year he had created the healthy body of a young man again. Tesla explains that through remote viewing he recreated the world of the Vedruss and was planning to introduce their way of life to people on the surface, however, Amelia’s entrance from the Spirit World initiated a tremor as she passed between the dimensions, and the intense vibration caused the tunnel Thomas was drilling to collapse – trapping a Tesla device that is still running but cannot be accessed because the tunnel continuously collapses as they try to clear out the rubble. For this reason, the rock ceiling of the biosphere is on the verge of complete collapse.

As Tesla guides them along the edge of a forest trying to reach a safer place, another tremor hits. Rocks and boulders plunge down from the ceiling above the holographic sky and crash through the tree branches as they all run for cover. When the tremor subsides, Tesla leads them to an exact duplicate of the Pyramid of Giza made of solid gold. He tells Amelia that with remote viewing he has seen her lifetime as Alex and that he believes Alex intentionally died with a secret that could save them all. Tesla believes that if Matthew and Amelia work together they will find the answer.

Inside the pyramid all of the Vedruss have gathered together and are waiting for Amelia and Matthew. Amelia feels tremendous pressure, and is convinced that it will be her fault when everyone dies. But Matthew sits across from her, takes her hands in his and stares into her eyes. Calming down instantly, she suddenly remembers herself as Alex, watching a high priest slide the last brick into place, sealing Alex’s fate. She is stunned when she realizes that the high priest is Matthew, known in that lifetime as Ammon. In truth, Ammon loved Alex and later tore down the wall trying to save him, but regretfully he was too late.

Like the other high priests, Ammon stays alive by taking over a healthy body when his own body is wearing out. Hundreds of years after Alex’s death, Ammon makes a plan to take over the Vedruss people by marrying a Vedruss woman. With remote viewing he sees Sasha fighting the Romans and he shows up as a Roman soldier, knowing they will meet and that she will fall in love with him. What he never anticipates is that the moment he looks into Sasha’s eyes, he recognizes her and quickly falls deeply in love with her and the Vedruss way of life. When the Romans try to attack again, Ammon is the one who implements the idea that causes the Romans to leave immediately and never return.

Suddenly, Amelia realizes everything is perspective. She’s been thinking that the pyramid is supposed to somehow be activated from the inside, but all at once she sees a vision of everyone standing outside singing and looking up toward the apex of the pyramid – this mysteriously activates the Science of Imagery. When Matthew and Amelia open their eyes, both of them know the answer, but the people have already picked up the message telepathically and are outside waiting for them.

As Amelia notices spaces in between the members of the gathering crowd she simultaneously experiences the thought; ‘you need opposite modes of thinking’ coming into her mind, and at the same time she sees Thomas, dressed as an ancient, Egyptian high priest, along with hundreds of soldiers walking silently toward them holding candles. The soldiers collectively step into the spaces left by the crowd and join them in their singing and upward gazes to the apex. The energy released by the crowds’ collective focus and singing causes a blue sphere of light, similar to atomic energy, to appear just above the pyramid. Everything begins to sway and shake as the singing continues, and then suddenly, Amelia and Matthew find themselves standing in front of their school just as the bus from their hiking trip pulls away from dropping them at the curb.

Heading for home, they discover that their parents are completely different and have no idea that anything has changed. Asha appears and explains: “When you created a perfect circle of sound, along with the atomic energy that appeared above the apex, it activated the gold pyramid and eliminated planetary dissonance by regenerating the original harmony… the original sound frequency that created The Game in the first place.

“So in the simplest terms, your musical celebration tapped into the science and mathematics of love, literally vibrating your inner awareness of life as you choose it to be… into physical reality. You were no longer focused on other people’s version of reality instead you started creating – imagining – the world YOU wanted to see.”

“But why did just the two of us remember what happened?” said Matthew.

“You two are like the embodiment of what Einstein called, spooky quantum entanglement. You can’t be separated… not by time, space or game-lifetimes. So when Amelia felt deeply connected to the Vedruss… you instantly felt the same way, Matthew… You both will always experience what the other is experiencing, even if you aren’t fully conscious of it.”

To her delight, Amelia discovers that in the new reality they have created she has the ability to teleport with Matthew back into the Inner Earth. Ecstatic when they both arrive in one piece, Amelia and Matthew realize they can instantly go back and forth whenever they choose. Discussing how soon they should leave and return for home, Amelia says, “I think we have all the time in the world.”

Amelia, 17, trained to be a ballerina in NYC, but dropped out at 16 and moved to Utah with her parents. She has never had time to date, so she is a bit awkward around guys. Her parents are both therapists and her mother is very focused on their social standing. Amelia is the opposite: She is authentic, doesn’t like wearing makeup, rides her bike to school and is a bit of a tomboy.

Matthew, 17, noticed Amelia on her first day of school and is very attracted to her, but is too shy to talk to her. He is embarrassed by the fact that his family is extremely wealthy. He has spent his life doing what his parents want him do, but resents them both. At 16 he asked for a used car, so his father gave him a vintage Corvette worth $4 million. Matthew refuses to drive it and walks to school instead.

Asha appears to be about 10 or 11 years old. In truth, she is a multi-dimensional being who can go anywhere and embody any appearance she chooses.


A middle-aged, civilian who works for Thomas in the underground base, Trevor runs the experiments with the Montauk Chair. She is the ‘voice of reason’ but Thomas rarely listens to her.


Handsome, middle-aged, well-dressed, well-spoken and speaks with an English accent, Thomas, runs the 4th Floor, which is beyond Top Secret. Thomas answers to no one and has the funding to do whatever he pleases. He is thousands of years old and takes over a new body whenever necessary.

RICHARD (Admiral Richard E. Byrd)
Though this is never mentioned in the story, Richard, was once the real Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who flew into the Inner Earth through the North Pole and had his journal with the exact coordinates published after his death. Richard chose to be reborn into the Inner Earth.

Amelia’s best friend who dies in a car crash when they were twelve. In the Spirit World, Delilah has matured and appears to be in her late teens or early twenties. She understands how everything works, both in The Game and in the Spirit World. Though Amelia doesn’t realize it, Delilah has been giving her guidance from the Spirit World while Amelia plays The Game.

Nikola Tesla reverses the aging process in his own body and now appears exactly as he did when he was a much younger man. He is tall, with a penetrating stare, dark hair and a mustache. He has been working tirelessly to recreate the world of the Vedruss and extend this knowledge to mankind in hopes of saving the planet.

Phi has been involved with horrendous experiments or he at least knows what is going on in the labs. He is genuinely concerned about Amelia and does his best to protect her – though his methods are quite unusual, at best. Phil feels responsible for his actions in the past, even though he was under orders, and wants to do something in an attempt to begin making amends for the harm he has caused.


The Game includes information based on the following non-fiction books.


In The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series – which has sold over 11 million copies in Russia – a woman currently living in the Russian wilderness named, Anastasia, claims that she can mentally/intuitively read historic records contained in the ‘universal database.’ Everything in The Game in regard to the Vedruss and their way of life, including the Science of Imagery, their ability to teleport and leave their bodies at will, as well as their connection with wild animals and how they lived in harmony with each other and the land, is all explained in detail in this series. The Roman battles described in The Game also took place. All historical records about the Vedruss have been expunged. In fact, there are no historical records that go back more than 1,000 years in Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Russians have gone back to this simple way of living after reading the series.



The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time: The Montauk Chair was extracted from a crashed UFO and could be used to create ‘things from thoughts.’ Ultimately it was used to move in and out of different dimensions and timelines, including past and future. (During that time, many strange occurrences took place in Montauk, NY where the experiments were carried out in a secret, underground base which has since been closed.) The book also explains that the Montauk Project was connected to what is popularly known as The Philadelphia Experiment (the movie title of a true story entailing a military ship that instantly disappeared from the Philadelphia harbor, then reappeared hours later with disastrous results). According to the book, the Chair was destroyed by a fifteen foot monster that tore it to shreds.








Admiral Richard E. Byrd
In The Game there is an old man in the psych ward whose nickname is Admiral Byrdie. When Amelia reaches the Inner Earth she meets a man named Richard. The story does not go into detail about Richard’s identity, and though there has been a great attempt to cover up the story, there are many people who know about Admiral Richard E. Byrd flying into the North Pole and experiencing an extraordinary land and the people who had been living there for thousands of years, possibly dating back to the time of Atlantis. Admiral Byrd wrote a diary with specific coordinates that was published after his death (due to his position in the military) but nearly every copy was purchased the day it was released and the book was never seen again. However, copies of his book can be found online along with the exact coordinates that correspond with his flight. (Currently, there is also a televised show from the 1950’s on youtube where Admiral Byrd discusses realms inside the North and South Poles – but advises adventurers to ‘head to the South Pole’ – because there is ‘too much going on in the north.’ Today, no commercial airlines or private planes are allowed to fly over the North Pole.



Etidorpha or The End of Earth The journey Amelia and Asha embark upon through Earth’s crust is based on a story written in 1820. Though the author, John Uri Lloyd, tells the phenomenal tale of a man materializing in his home several times over the course of a year, requesting that he write down his journey through Earth’s crust and then wait 30 years to publish it – Lloyd goes to great lengths to prove that his story is completely true – including specific details about his own personal life and also scientific experiments that prove the unusual physics that exist deep underground. The pictures above are engravings from the original book published in the 1800’s. The book was in its 11th Edition by 1901.




THE SPIRIT WORLD: Much of the Spirit World is based on information woven together from books such as Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife and The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. Also two channeled books, Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia, and a best selling book by spiritist medium Chico Xavier, Nosso Lar (Our Home in Portuguese). He would never accept the money attained from selling Our Home or any of his other books, and he sold more than 50 million copies in Portuguese; with translations in English, Spanish, Japanese, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Mandarin, Swedish, Braille, and others languages. He also transcribed around ten thousand letters allegedly from the dead to their families (also free of charge).






Based on books such as The Flat Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay.