The World’s First Interactive Audiobook App
“… a journey of infinite possibilities.”

Based on 2016 YA Book
Praised by Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield –
“THE GAME: Nothing is as it Seems”
Teaches Young Adults How to Expand Their
Consciousness and Build Emotional Intelligence

Published in 2016, author Heather Noël’s top-rated Amazon release in the Metaphysical Fiction section, “THE GAME: Nothing is as it Seems,” conceives existence as a virtual reality game, where feelings run on binary code and the Earth is a playing field for our infinite consciousness. Although the book is geared towards teens, 12 years and up, it has garnered a wide adult following for its unique insight. Deepak Chopra said “Heather Noël represents a welcomed new addition to the great storytellers of the human spirit” and Jack Canfield called the book “a thrilling fantasy-adventure that opens the heart and mind, and takes the reader on a journey of infinite possibilities.”

Now, Heather Noël has created a follow-up companion piece – an interactive audiobook app version designed for all platforms – iPhone, Android and laptop.

THE GAME: Interactive Audiobook App is a 10+ hour audio-adventure, similar to “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels, but in addition to an exciting narrative, Heather Noël adds real-world intuition exercises as an essential part of the story. This innovative game is designed to entertain while opening the listener’s inner world through a sophisticated combination of transformative technologies, guided imagery and psychoacoustic sound frequencies. Players are frequently called upon to “reprogram their source code” to experience the story on a deeper, more personal level. New versions of the story can be created and saved each time the game is played, with the option to play back the entire adventure seamlessly.

THE GAME is geared towards teens, ages 12-16, and holds the distinction of being the only story-driven electronic game on the market not rated M 17+. Parents and teachers are encouraged to play along with the kids as a way of finding important common ground, shared experiences and communicational tools. It is almost entirely hands-free, requiring players to only tap the option of their choice and then experience the result.

THE GAME is available in the App Store, Google Play (coming in November) or at:

“Emotional intelligence plays a greater role in individual success than anything that can be measured on a standard IQ test, yet our children are not taught how to nurture and develop this essential quality within themselves,” explains author, Heather Noël. “For this reason The Game app is completely free of charge. There is no advertising or in-game sales, and it can be played on a computer so schools can offer students the opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence while playing a fun and exciting game.”


What if you could develop your emotional intelligence (with no effort at all!) and understand how to navigate your own life by simply playing a game? What if you had that opportunity when you were a teenager? What if you still have that opportunity as an adult?

THE GAME offers players the opportunity to develop a higher level of intuition and emotional intelligence. It’s a game of pure imagination where progress along the fictional narrative arc is mirrored in the player’s own real life! The player’s inner world experiences during THE GAME arise and are bio-enhanced by psychoacoustic sound frequencies which interact with the mind on a subliminal level.


Heather Noël is an internationally-known author, spiritual philosopher and she was the first relationship astrologer to appear regularly on a British reality TV show, ITV’s “Love Island.”

Prior to writing the novel, she created a free 60-day eCourse that provides practical tools for transforming your life by applying simple concepts and exercises, many of which have been incorporated into THE GAME interactive audiobook app (



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