In That Sleep of Death


This companion short story has been added to the new “Expanded Version” of The Game (Release date: 6/29/2016)
If you have the original story – these 3 chapters take place at the end of Chapter 18 in The Game: Nothing is as it seems and tells the tale of Amelia’s forgotten journey into the dark realms of the Spirit world. For those with the original edition (published March 6, 2016) you can read the missing chapters below.

p.s. In case you’re wondering – here is the reason I originally wrote this journey into the dark realms in the first place! Throughout my life I have been fascinated by near-death-experiences. Mostly I read about very light, loving experiences. However, I also read about a few experiences that were quite dark and frightening (and when the people came back to their earthly life they changed their path radically – knowing what was potentially to come if they continued along the same path!) In either case, whether the person had a positive or negative experience, the consistent message seems to point in the direction of loving more while you’re here!

Still, I had a hard time understanding how these two opposing worlds fit together in the ‘Spirit world’ until I came across two books published in the 1950’s. “Our Home” (translated title) by Brazilian medium Chico Xavier (there’s also a movie based on the book called, Astral City, which might be available at The other book was published in the UK in the 1950’s – “Life After Death In the Worlds Unseen.”

Both books looked deeply into the connection between the light and dark realms of the Spirit world and showed that no one is ever stuck, but it does require a change of heart before one can have a different experience (and that made sense to me because it works the same way here!) Suddenly I understood how there could be no punishment or judgment – and at the same time nothing is hidden: We instantly experience our most deeply held beliefs – for positive or negative. And that’s what ‘In That Sleep of Death’ is all about! ~ Heather Noël

“For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come.”
William Shakespeare

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