GAME: Overview

Adult and appropriate for YA (12 years old and up)
Fantasy Adventure

THE GAME is an exciting adventure-fantasy featuring interactive storytelling that can be played by everyone, including non-gamers. The story is presented in third-person from the perspective of 17 year old, Amelia, a high school student who does not yet know her own strength and abilities. Cause and effect choices tell the players something about themselves and their perception of the world around them.

Example: In one scene Amelia is having a dream (or possibly an out of body experience) and finds herself locked in a room. The player is offered the opportunity to click on “INNER WORLD” – if they do they will be given several choices.
1. How do you feel? (Choices: Frustrated, angry, OK, happy, sad etc.)
2. Do you want to feel better?
“No” – they go back to the room (and remain stuck).
“Yes” –  they are given a choice of meditations including a “clearing meditation” focused on letting go of negative emotion. Once they complete the meditation their character, Amelia, (who is sitting on the bed with her back up against the wall) floats out of her body, through the wall and floats down the hall (into a new adventure with a patient in the psych ward who reads her future!)

In the process of playing the game players can recognize and develop their own emotional intelligence and come away from the game feeling more confident, self-assured and more equipped for decision making in their own lives.

Throughout the Universe, Earth is known as ‘The Great Experiment.’ High school student, Amelia, discovers that her life isn’t what it seems – she is actually living in a virtual reality game – along with everyone else on Earth. Initially it seems impossible, but as THE GAME unfolds, with all of its wild twists and turns, Amelia becomes more and more convinced that she is indeed creating her own reality – the challenge lies in how to get her self-created reality to behave!

THE GAME is unique, in that it is the 1st story-driven adventure/fantasy created specifically for especially to include Young Adults 12-16 (with no blood, violence or sexuality). It is a Single Player game with an interactive narrative storyline that progresses as the player advances through the game. Generally the game is played in 3rd person, however if the player chooses an “INNER WORLD” experience this sequence takes place in 1st person. (The player takes a ‘break’ from the storyline and can choose from several choices such as Guided Meditations, meditating with nature sounds or guided visualizations). When the player is ‘stuck’ they are offered the “Inner World” – if they choose that option they get points that allow them to experience more interesting parts of the storyline. (If they choose not to go into the Inner World – their character stays stuck!)

Adult and Young Adult (12 years old and up). This is a terrific game for teachers and students or parents and children who would like to play an interactive story-driven game that is not rated M. (It is estimated that 80% of the booming YA market is comprised of adults over the age of 17.)

· 1st Young Adult Interactive Story-Driven Fantasy/Adventure (including transformative technologies) for 12 years old and up.
· 1st game that assists players in developing their intuition and emotional intelligence and includes technology augmented meditation.
· Players learn new perspectives in regard to life and human interactions, and discover new choices are available in their own lives.