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VERSION 1 (As we go along and add more ideas the Version will update – so you’ll know if there is anything new!)



As this game opens you are in pitch darkness hearing the sound of the womb and the mother’s heartbeat.

“You have chosen to be born into the most challenging virtual reality in the Universe. At this moment your avatar body is developing. You may come and go at any time during this 9 month period as you adjust to the feeling of being in a physical form. You may ask questions from within your developing avatar or you may come and go between here and the Spirit World as you adjust to the density of the slow moving material world known as Earth. You may also skip ahead and observe yourself playing in past and future games. However, once you are born and enter the Earth playing field you will gradually enter into what we refer to as The Deep Sleep – forgetting everything you now know.

“Your mission, which you have been preparing for in countless game lifetimes, is to find a way to access your true consciousness, your Awakened Self while playing the Earth Game.”

2 Choices

Outer World: An exciting adventure-fantasy game featuring interactive storytelling (Scroll Down to read the Overview).

Inner World: (meditation, visualization etc) This is an integral part of the game and will also be an APP. SAMPLE



Adult and appropriate for YA (12 years old and up)
Fantasy Adventure

THE GAME is the First EVER interactive, story-driven, adventure AudioGame that can be played by everyone, including non-gamers. The story is presented in second person. Cause and effect choices tell the players something about themselves and their perception of the world around them.

Example: In one scene you are having a dream (or possibly an out of body experience) and you find yourself locked in a room. You try desperately to get out, but nothing happens.
You are offered the opportunity to click on the “INNER WORLD” – if you do, you are offered several choices:

1. How do you feel? (Choices: Frustrated, angry, OK, happy, sad etc.)
2. Do you want to feel better?
“No” – you wake up.
“Yes” –  you are given a choice of meditations including a “clearing meditation” focused on letting go of a specific negative emotion. Once you complete the meditation you find yourself floating out of your body, through the wall and down the hall into a new adventure with a patient in the psych ward who reads your future – if that is your choice!

In the process of playing the game players can recognize and develop their own emotional intelligence and come away from the game feeling more confident, self-assured and more equipped for decision making in their own lives.

A “rewind” feature allows the player to back up and alter a previous decision, thus facilitating the exploration of alternative choices.

· 1st Young Adult Interactive Story-Driven Fantasy/Adventure (including transformative technologies) for 12 years old and up.
· 1st game that assists players in developing their intuition and emotional intelligence and includes technology augmented meditation.
· Players learn new perspectives in regard to life and human interactions, and discover new choices are available in their own lives.

Every time Players choose the INNER WORLD they get points. Every OUTER WORLD experience they complete also gives them points.

As they play they experience:

  1. What seems to be (the simple experience of the OUTER WORLD game).
    2. The truth behind the mirror (Must earn points from OUTER WORLD & INNER WORLD experiences first)
    3. The Spirit World Perspective (Requires the MOST accumulated points from OUTER WORLD & INNER WORLD).

[Note: Players are given opportunities to understand The Game on a deeper level. They can choose:
If they choose “Explain” they will learn more about “How to Navigate the Game” or “Quantum Physics behind the game” but these can be skipped and the player can move on to more adventures. However, Players cannot progress through the entire game without some INNER WORLD experiences.]

THE GAME is unique, in that it is the 1st story-driven adventure/fantasy created especially to include Young Adults 12-16 (100% of current story-driven games are rated “M” for blood, violence and sexuality – only for 17 yrs. old and over.) It is a Single Player game with an interactive narrative storyline that progresses as the player advances through the game. This is also the first adventure game that offers players the choice of the “INNER WORLD” which includes technology augmented meditation. When the player is ‘stuck’ they are offered the “Inner World” – if they choose that option they get points that allow them to experience more interesting parts of the storyline. (If they choose not to go into the Inner World – their character carries on with the storyline, but misses out on certain adventures!)

Adult and Young Adult (12 years old and up). This is a terrific game for teachers and students or parents and children who would like to play an interactive story-driven game that is not rated M.