Frequently Asked Questions. Here are some common questions about THE GAME Interactive Audiobook App.
How does The Game assist teens in developing Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (often referred to as EQ) isn’t only about having an awareness of one’s own feelings, but being aware of the feelings of others, too. The exciting twists and turns in The Game storyline are not only a catalyst for the character’s emotions, but they provide the listener with the opportunity to explore their own emotions as they connect the actions, words, and emotions of their character to their own real life experiences, which in turn, nurtures a sense of empathy.

Throughout the game, players are offered the opportunity to go a bit deeper within by going to the “Inner World” section of the game. Here they discover, “Reprogramming Your Source Code,” – a series of experiential audios and visualizations that help players understand how to shift their perceptions, especially in regard to emotions, thereby providing them with lifelong tools that can be accessed at any time.

As a teacher (or parent) what can I do to support teens in developing EQ?

From childhood we’re all hardwired to experience another’s emotions. But even though it’s in our operating system, it needs to be nurtured. An excellent way to do this is through being the example for teens to follow. If you want teens to be kind, generous, and empathetic, be the kind, generous, and empathetic adult you want them to be. Play the game yourself, practice “Reprogramming Your Source Code” and see what ideas come to mind for your teen or students.

As your child or students listen to The Game, take the opportunity to have open discussions, not with an objective in mind, but just see what comes up organically. If teens are given the opportunity to cultivate empathy it could lead to relating more peacefully toward themselves and others, which could have an effect on our world, so give the story some time to unfold. This could be a game you play and discuss over several months or throughout the school year.


How does The Game help teens develop their intuition and why is it important?

“According to Arianna Huffington, author of the seminal self-improvement book “Thrive,” mindfulness can be a great mode of strengthening one’s intuition. A study published in “Perspectives on Psychological Science” described mindfulness as the practice of “paying attention to one’s experiences in a non-judgmental way,” which can lend a great deal of insight into our intuitive feelings.

“When we are mindful, we can tap into the signals our body is sending us in any given moment. If we are feeling connected and energized, we experience an innate understanding that we should incorporate more of this experience into our everyday lives. Likewise, if we feel out of touch and drained, we know that we ought to reduce our exposure to whatever is causing these emotions.” (The importance of going with your gut: Why intuition trumps logic)

The Game’s “Inner World” provides opportunities for players to practice mindfulness and ‘pay attention to their experiences in a non-judgmental way,’ thereby opening the door to recognizing and developing their own intuitive feelings.

Is The Game available as an audiobook, rather than being an interactive game?
I'm not a gamer - how does the game work?
How much does it cost to make The Game App available for my class?
The Game App is 100% free of charge. There is no advertising or in-app sales. The Game can be played on Apple or Android phones, and also online.
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