About Heather Noël

Heather Noël is an inspirational writer, lecturer and life coach. She is the author and narrator of the first-ever Interactive Audiobook App for teens, “THE GAME: Nothing is as it Seems,”* inspired by a novel she published in 2016. Heather is best known for her masterful skill in simplifying complex concepts and her passion for empowering young adults. Her work has brought heartfelt endorsement from motivational luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and others.

As a Young Adult author and screenwriter, Heather is driven by the conviction that creative, inspirational and thought provoking content offers the potential for people to experience self-healing and self-development.

Her dedication and passion to unlock the unique brilliance that she believes exists in every human being on the planet has led her to positively impact thousands of people throughout her career. She developed a revolutionary method of reprogramming the brain and harnessing the power of the human subconscious mind and today, expresses itself through a popular audio program called, “How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse.” The track was written and narrated in a style that is simple, immersive and engaging while offering simple tools that produce transformational and life-changing outcomes. In addition, Heather created a 60 day eCourse that offers people powerful tools and techniques designed to effectively transform self-destructive thought patterns into positive, love-inspired mental habits.

Heather offers a Free 60 Day eCourse at The Giving Game Foundation.