by Heather Noël | THE GAME: Nothing is as it seems Interactive Audiobook App

The World’s First Interactive Audiobook App

Based on 2016 YA Book Praised by Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield “THE GAME: Nothing is as it Seems,” conceives existence as a virtual reality game, where you are born into the program, your feelings run the binary code and Earth is a playing field for your infinite consciousness!

  • Geared towards teens, 12 years and up, THE GAME has also garnered a wide adult following for its unique insight. Deepak Chopra said “Heather Noël represents a welcomed new addition to the great storytellers of the human spirit” and Jack Canfield called the story “a thrilling fantasy-adventure that opens the heart and mind, and takes the reader on a journey of infinite possibilities.”
  • THE GAME: Interactive Audiobook App is a 10+ hour audio-adventure. Similar to “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels, but in addition to an exciting narrative, this innovative game is designed to entertain while opening your Inner World through a sophisticated combination of transformative technologies, guided imagery and psychoacoustic sound frequencies.
  • THE GAME app is completely free of charge. There is no advertising or in-game sales, and it can be played on a computer so schools can offer students the opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence while playing a fun and exciting game.”
  • As you listen to the story you unlock opportunities to ‘reprogram your source code’ and experience the story on a deeper, more personal level.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN VERSION OF THE AUDIOBOOK: New versions of the story can be created and saved each time the game is played, with the option to play back the entire audio adventure seamlessly.
  • What if you could develop your emotional intelligence (with no effort at all) and understand how to navigate your own life by simply playing a game? What if you had that opportunity when you were a teenager?  What if you still have that opportunity as an adult?
  • A game of pure imagination where progress along the fictional narrative arc is mirrored in your own life!
  • Your Inner World experiences during THE GAME arise and are bio-enhanced by psychoacoustic sound frequencies which interact with the mind on a subliminal level.
  • The ONLY story-driven electronic game on the market not rated M 17+.  
  • Parents and teens, students and teachers can play individually and find common ground, shared experiences and communicational tools.
  • Hands Free! Simply TAP to play, pause or make a choice!
  • High Quality Audio (10+ hours)